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Friday, January 29, 2010

Strategic CSR - Green IQ

This “Green IQ” test appeared in a special report on the environment that appeared in the WSJ just before the Copenhagen summit last December. The test was fun and enlightening, so I thought it worth passing on. Some of the best questions are copied here, while the whole test (with the answers) is available in the article in the url below:

1. Match the share of electricity generated this year to the fuel source:
A. Coal 1. 3.4%
B. Nuclear power 2. 22%
C. Natural gas 3. 45%
D. Hydroelectric 4. 21%
E. Other renewables 5. 7.4%

4. In rough terms, the amount of electricity wasted [by electronic products left in standby mode] in the U.S. each year is equivalent to the output of:
A. 0.8 nuclear power plants
B. 1.8 nuclear power plants
C. 8 nuclear power plants
D. 18 nuclear power plants

7. What's the most prevalent greenhouse gas in the earth's atmosphere?
A. Methane
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Water vapor
D. Tropospheric ozone
E. Hot air from politicians

10. What percentage of the world's water is fresh and liquid? And what percentage is also found above ground, in lakes and rivers?
A. 10% and 2%
B. 5% and 1%
C. 3% and 0.5%
D. 1% and 0.3%

Have a good weekend.

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